Favourites albums of all time

Here are the albums I consider to be my personal favourites.

If I were to use a scale a bit similar to what Scaruffi or The Needle Drop would use, these album would all be at least a 9/10. What does that mean? It's completely subjective, no hard rules or sub-scales, based on my personal appreciation of the album, whatever it can involve. I don't think I've ever encountered a 10/10, which would be an absolutely perfect listening experience, and I'm not even really sure such a thing can exist. The albums listed here therefore are those which come the closest to "perfection", whatever that means in my opinion. They are not especially avant-garde, they just succeed at what they aim for really, really well.

It may look odd, especially the absence of any record before 1997 and I don't really know how to explain it. I listen to a lot of music from before I was born (1993) but it doesn't seem to speak to me as well as music made during the years I'm living. This isn't a fixed list though so we'll see.

Ordered by year of release.

I hope some day I'll be able to do in depth reviews of each album.